QuickBooks 2020

It’s September, which means back to school, leaves changing, cooler weather and a new version of QuickBooks. This years versions for Windows and Mac include a number of new features. For windows users these include: Scheduled customer payment reminders Add customer PO number to subject line in emails Combine multiple emails for a single customer: […]

Centerbase Adds New Features

If you are not familiar with Centerbase, it is a flexible cloud-based billing, accounting and practice management solution that can be customized to meet many needs. Centerbase generally comes out with a service release every month (although they do sometimes skip a month). This month’s release has some great new features. You can find all […]

Investing in your firm and your people

Insightful Accountant, a free online newsletter oriented towards accounting professionals, just published a great article that applies not only to Accounting firms. The article, Simple Suggestions for Improving Technology at Your Accounting Firm speaks to how you should be investing in technology but it doesn’t have to be complex. The suggestions are simple with potential […]

Timeslips 2020 Released

Timeslips 2020 has been released. New features include: When previewing a report to display you can now move to a specific page. For long reports, this will make getting to the information you need faster. Previously, you had to go through all the pages or directly to the last page. When using name filters in […]